Took some time to find this one tonight! I always use our "filtered" pages to find trades and the list for August Bull Put Spreads primarily contains stocks that have not reported earnings yet. Looks like GWW has, though.

The closing price of GWW is 257.73. This is above the 100 day moving average. The high strike price of our spread is 240, which is below the 100 day moving average. Is that a compelling factor when determining which spreads to sell? I use this as an example because we have one client that only places trades with this characteristic. She finds trades by probability, verifies there are no events scheduled before expiration, then checks to see if the spread is on the opposite side of the 100 day moving average from the current stock price.

Remember, finding parameters like this to augment the math can significantly boost your success rate.

Equity Strikes Prices Spread Premium Max Risk % Return Probability Break Even S Vol
0.35 $35.00 $965.00 3.63% 91.52% $239.65 345493

DISCLAIMER: These are not trade recommendations. These are trade ideas. A means to start a discussion. Do not blindly execute trades selected & published by others. Decide via your own parameters whether a potential trade is a good use of your investment capital.